Merger of FRANCE BED with France bed Medical Service Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2009

On April 1, 2009, France bed Medical Service Co., Ltd. merged with FRANCE BED, manufacturer and wholesaler of domestic beds and other lines, in a move designed to promote effective utilization of management resources, faster decision-making and administrative efficiency improvements in the field of nursing care and welfare-related products. The company name was changed to FRANCE BED CO., LTD., and the company has adopted a stronger focus on the development of products and services for the aging population.

The merger will generate synergies by bringing together the manufacturing and retail infrastructure provided by FRANCE BED and the expertise in rental services provided by France bed Medical Service Co., Ltd. The new company is now better positioned to develop and supply client-oriented products and services tailored directly to the marketplace.

Established in 1983, France bed Medical Service Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in support for home nursing care and other forms of preventative care and independence aids, through the rental and retail of nursing care and welfare-related lines. FRANCE BED, meanwhile, boasts considerable knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of high-quality beds and bedding peripherals designed to promote deep and restorative sleeping, based on 60 years working in the field.
The aim of the newly merged FRANCE BED is to promote health and well-being through sleep and relaxation based on superior product development and customer information services, and at the same time to establish a reliable reputation in the marketplace for solutions that enhance comfort and serenity in everyday life.