Assistive products for elderly

Powered Stand-up Bed

Helps to sit or stand up independently.


The powered Stand-up Bed can raise the user from a horizontal position to a sitting position and then onto their feet in a standing position by using the special powered mechanism of the bed. In this way the user is not forced to sit onto the bedside to transfer.

It helps the user sit or stand up independently. Lower leg section is fold down under the bottom in sitting or standing position. In this way the bed can be lowered down to the suitable height for standing up, reserving ample space for standing up. The bed provides users not only smooth standup, but also reduce the burden of caregivers.


People who unable to get into and out of bed unassisted.

  • Can come to a stand up again independently
  • used in private homes and in care facilities
Technical specifications
Dimensions :
205 × 100 × 37.5~73cm (L × W × Adjustable Height)
Height adjustment range :
Recommended mattress size :
193 × 91cm (L × W)
Back section adjustment :
72ck sectio (3steps)
Leg section adjustment :
Total weight :
181kg (136kg+45kg)
Safe working Load :
170kg (including accessories)
Electrical system :
metal base and frame