Beds and bedding for Sound Sleep

BREATHAIR extra® mattress and pillow

Provide new sensation of a sound sleep with excellent breathability.


"Fold in three mattress" and "Shoulder fit pillow" are made with material "BREATHAIR extra®", a washable complex three-dimensional structure possessing excellent breathability. "BREATHAIR extra® mattresses" can be folded to 1/3 for easy storage. Height of "Shoulder fit pillow" can be adjusted by a spacer.


For people who want to have a sound sleep.

  • Hybrid structure: BREATHAIR extra® layer and hard urethane layer
  • Fabric with high moisture absorbing ability ensures the dry and smooth feeling.
  • Quick-dry coating is applied on the surface
  • Cover is detachable for wash
Technical specifications

[ BREATHAIR extra® mattress ]

Dimension :
L195 × W97 × 6cm
L65 × W97 × 18cm (folded)
Weight :
about 5.5 kg