Products for active seniors

Power Assisted Tri-cycle ASU-3WT3

Stable power assisted tricycle provides happy and safe riding


The built in Power assistance extends the distance that you are able to cycle with less effort. It has 3 levels of assisting mode. The cycling distances are 13km at high mode, 20 km with normal mode and 30km with low mode. It has a swing frame structure, including front frame and back frame. Front frame swing to left when turning to left and vi-ce versa. We developed the triple torsion axle, new spring system, which makes riding smoothly when going around curves. It’s more stable than a bicycle. It is easy to access due to its low frame. Light will be tuned on automatically when used in dark. It has a large basket for shopping. Enjoy happy and safe riding!


Persons who cannot use/balance on a two wheel bicycle.

  • Low step-through Frame design
  • It uses a lithium ion battery of 2.5Ah.
  • A large basket for shopping
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
Technical specifications
Dimensions :
153 × 58 × 67 to 83.5cm (L × W × Seat high)
Height :
Tires :
20" × 14"
Weight :
Cycling distances :
13km at high mode, 20 km with normal mode and 30km with low mode
Material :
Maximum power consumption :
Battery capacity :
Battery voltage :
AC100V (50-60Hz)
Battery chemistry :
Lithium ion battery
Full charging time :
about 2 hours
Color :