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About FBH Japan

FBH Japan is the overseas arm of France Bed Co., Ltd. Founded in Japan in 1946. France Bed Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and wholesaler of beds, assistive products, and health care apparatus. Over the past half century, we have conducted extensive research in order to realize the diversity and originality of our products. Nowadays our diverse products range from assistive products, products for the active seniors, health care apparatuses to beds & bedding.

In recent years, helping the aging has become a very important worldwide issue. In 2014, the ratio of people aged 65 and over reached 26% of the total population. The lifestyle of the elderly and the way of caring for the elderly have changed dramatically. Considering the current social environment, we developed and provided various products, supporting people's daily life. Our mission is to help people "live the full and easy day life ".

As a leading company which supports Japanese aging society, it would be our great pleasure to contribute our experiences and unique products, cultivated in the Japanese market, to European countries facing the aging issues.

Our mission is to help people -live the full and easy day life

Assistive products for elderly

FBH Japan deals with beds & furniture for hospitals and nursing homes, as well as assistive products for elderly. We provide products and service full of originality. We started rental service of nursing beds for the first time in Japan in 1983. Thanks to the rental system, users do not need to bear the cheap disposable products; on the opposite, they can enjoy the high quality products by monthly payment. Moreover, the reuse approach is environment friendly as it results in a reduction of wastes.

Besides the research and development of a nursing bed & mattress, we also put effort into enriching other assistive products and medical products.  For example, we developed the “Powered Lift-up Wheelchair” and “Powered Stand-up Bed”, which not only lead to the user’s independence, but also reduce the care-giver’s burden. Recently, we are focusing on the innovation of products that help people with dementia. The products “Floor Bed”, “Safety Wheelchair-Koroba-Nice”, and “InteractivInteractive Baby Doll - Cry-laugh Tartan” would be some good examples.

Not only produced with safety and comfort, but also fulfilling the on-site needs, our products receive high evaluations from our users. In the future, we would strive to support home care, hospital & institutional care, and medical service in total.

Products for active seniors

The elderly over 65 represent more than 25% of the total population in Japan.  More than 80% of them are considered in good health. They are called “active seniors”.  Even if they are called “active seniors”, many are worried about their little troubles, for example, the deterioration of eyesight and hearing as well as weakness of muscle strength due to aging.

In order to assist active seniors to enjoy their dynamic and comfortable daily life, we created a new brand “Rehatech”, which commits to provide original products and services. Our value-added products such as the “Power Assisted Tri-cycle ASU-3WT3”, “Light Cane”, and “Tactile Hearing Aids-Clear Voice”, will help users restore their confidence and keep being entirely part of the society.

Health care apparatuses

We keep making efforts to the research and development of the health care apparatuses. Our developing philosophy is to provide products promote deep relaxation. Based on ergonomics studies, our products are designed to stimulate and replicate the self-healing capabilities of the body.

At present, starting with the “Whole Body Shiatsu Massager-Tsubo Healther”, and “Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat-Kiwami”, we add on health function to mattress and sofa as well. Taking lifestyle and housing conditions into consideration, we are striving to develop products which support our health and comfort.

Beds and bedding for Sound Sleep

We have been striving to develop the beds & bedding which supports sound sleep since our foundation. Nowadays, the technology and aesthetics cultivated through the development of bed furniture are used in the development of nursing beds such as the “Floor Bed” and “Powered Stand-up Bed”, as well as unique bedding, such as the Sleep Vantage -J Shaped Contour Pillow for side sleeper”.

We established the basic Research Department in 1963 and repeated original studies related to the sleep mechanisms. In 1993 "the Sleep Research Center" was established for the general studies of sleep and bedding products. By pursuing the comfort of mind and body based on ergonomics, we proposed a series of high added-value and highly functional products.

Besides, we developed advanced measurement devices: the “body pressure measuring device" which measures and visualizes the key pressure points when a user sleeps on a bed, as well as “sleeping posture determining apparatus-Neshisei” which analyzes the sleeping posture of a user. Both of them enable us to propose the ideal mattress and pillow to our customers.

Our hope is to contribute to a better quality of life.

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Quality and functionality
FRANCE BED has been certified under the international certification standards ISO9001 and ISO13485 in recognition of our commitment to quality control systems and stringent quality standards in our products and services.

ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems),
the international standard on quality assurance, prescribes quality assurance activities required by enterprises of all sizes in all industries.

ISO13485 (Medical Quality Management Systems),
stipulates additional requirements based on ISO9001 that are applicable specifically to medical equipment, in light of the potential impact on human life and health. In many countries, the provisions of ISO13485 have been enshrined in legislation. ISO13485 is effectively the international standard on quality assurance for medical equipment.

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